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   Our Story

There is nothing in the world that compares to the birth of your child; taking baby home and then receiving an onslaught of gifts. It was during one of these experiences that we received a personalised blanket for our third baby in 2008, which we thought was a lovely gift, however on closer inspection we thought we could create it a whole lot better and with many new features - and that was how Blanky4me was born!

Since then, Blanky4me personalised blankys has 
grown to include not only baby sized, but also kids and adult sizes, cushions and also pet blankys. Each is handmade lovingly by us, with over 31 years of sewing experience. And because each one is designed by the purchaser, each one is unique!

We endeavour to make every purchase from Blanky4me a pleasant and speedy experience with outstanding customer service.

Blanky4me is located in Sydney, Australia, where, since 2008, hundreds of our personalised blankys and accessories have been handmade and shipped
 to the Americas, EuropeNew Zealand and all over Australia.