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What our customers are saying about Blanky4me

Below are some of the many customer feedback and photos we have received over the years. To see more, plus customer reviews, please visit our Facebook fanpage. If you ordered a blanky for yourself or someone special, we would love to hear your comments and thoughts about your Blanky4me experience. Email us: feedback@blanky4me.com.


"I received my package today and just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to you. I absolutely Loove my customized order and the communication back and forth has been fantastic. My children adore all there blankys, pillows and teddies. You are an amazing lady and by far the BEST company and BEST customer service ever."

Beth D.

Perth WA Australia


"OMG, thank you so much. We love it."

Rikki-Lee S.

Adelaide SA Australia


"I think Jobe loves his blanket :) thank you so much it was money very well spent, it looks great."

Angela S.

Melbourne VIC Australia


"We absolutely love Zalia's Blanky she got for Christmas ... Thank you so much for your hard work and patience with me." 

Rachel R.

Brisbane QLD Australia


"My darling Granddaughter with her very own blanky. Thanks so much for Amelia's blanky, both her mummy and I love it. You should have seen how excited Amelia's mummy was when I gave it to her. Now all the girls in my life have their own blanky."

Leah O.



"Thanks again for another amazing blanket."

Shauna C.

Boyne Island QLD Australia

"As you can see she loves it and can't wait to put it on her bed ... I am so glad I went with something different."

Jonnall S.

Busselton WA Australia


"Chet uses his every single day apart from when it is in the wash. The best."

Kelly Ann G.

Perth WA Australia


"Am very happy with it ... love the blanket and will be getting my niece one very soon"

Jonnall S.

Busselton WA Australia

"So happy with my gorgeous little blanky I got made for my studio to snuggle all my newborns in. Big Thank you to Blanky4me.com once again great job!"

Beth D, 'Bebe Portraits'

Perth WA Australia


"Mr Darcy has his Blanky! Mum loves it!" 

Kev S.

Brisbane QLD Australia 

"Thank you very much for my packages, the look on my son's face when he saw his was priceless - and he LOVES the cushion also (that was a surprise for him) - he is that rapt about them that he has taken them to school today for show-and-tell! :-)"

Ines M.

Doncaster Heights VIC Australia

"Got the blanky today and I absolutely love it!! You did such a great job on it! Thank you so much"

Rachel R.

Brisbane QLD Australia

"The kids got their blankets yesterday and absolutely love them!!! Jaylen took his for show and tell today (Sharley tried but she doesn't do s&t lol). Thank you so, so much!! ♥"

Michelle W.

Melbourne VIC Australia

"Lily loves the blanky, calls it her katy perry blanky. It is our fave! Thank you Blanky4me."

Sharna W.

Melbourne VIC Australia

"Awaiting the arrival of another friend's baby so expect another order from me soon... I ♥ your blanky's... LOVE!!!"

Helen T.

Melbourne VIC Australia

"Thanks again for some fantastic Blankys - always love them, and feel confident that the people that receive them as gifts will love them also ♥"

Samantha L.

Albany WA Australia

"OMG OMG, we just got our blankys, they r AMAZING, THANKU THANKU THANKU SOOO MUCH ♥"

Kel C.

Scoresby VIC Australia

"The kids love them and so do mum and dad. Dad wants one of his own."

Sarah K.

Perth WA Australia

"Loving my new Blanky!! I sleep with it wrapped around me on these cold nights! Sam loves his too - now, James is blowing up and wants a big one too! (he got one as a bub from Libby Moran)"

Kassie W.

Jerrabomberra NSW Australia

"I received my two today and I ♥ them!! My sister ♥ 'd the one for her son and I ♥ Adrianna's. Thank you sooo very much!!"

Helen T.

Melbourne VIC Australia

"Huge congratulations on making 2000 LIKERs! I have my mummy blanky here with me in hospital and all of the nurses love it! and I tell them exactly where I got it!"

Tennille G.

Melbourne VIC Australia

"Well our blankys arrived Wednesday and omg kids looooove them. Baby Zayne rubs his on his cheek sucks his thumb n drifts off to noddy land without a peep now! We love u"

Shasta-rose W.

Melbourne VIC Australia

"Thankyou so very much I love my 3 blankets I can't wait for my kids to see there blankets and they will be very excited to give there nanny her blanket for her birthday."

Tamara W.

Melbourne VIC Australia

"I just received my first blanky today - I am so excited! The fabric is so thick and warm I just want to snuggle up in it, too bad this blanky is not for me but a special little someone ;)

Thank you so much ♥"

Corinne S.

Toowoomba QLD Australia